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Time, time and more time


Ah, our busy season is sort of coming to an end which may mean I can finally work to learn more about WordPress. I really love this idea of being able to do updates, etc. from a nice dashboard and WYSIWYG environment. However, sometimes I get a little lost without all my code. I think I’ll get past it. Thanks to all who have commented. ~~~c

New Site Coming


I am pleased to say that, soon, there will be a new site. My dear friends, Judy and Glenn Rymer, asked me to do a web site for their Bed & Breakfast. It’s been a fun experience. Right now they’re in the review phase, but soon it will go live. When it does I will be proud to link you to it from here and to hear your comments.




I have been doing web site design since the internet was opened to the public. I have many sites that I’ve created; some specific for clients, some event specific.

This is my first attempt at working with a WordPress, pre-made site. I’m having fun with it and believe I will master this, as I have other web development platforms, in short order.

The bottom line is, I love this stuff and would enjoy putting you on the web. If you are interested in talking with me regarding your web site, please email me at I will get back to you as soon as possible.