Pancake Day Supporter Registration Form
Before we get started
If you're not sure how to use this form or you want a quick intro to what some of the terms mean we have INSTRUCTIONS  (pdf) - select the link to read and / or download the Instruction Sheet for contacting sponsors and entering the information online. When you see * the information is required.
All About You ...
Your Name: *
If you're not in the list EMAIL CAROL KLUMB ... you really can�t go on without it.

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And the Sponsor ...
Sponsor Name: *
If you can't find the name in the list choose ~~~ New (Not in this List) ~~~ and enter the name and contact information in the "Comments Box".

Support Amount: *

If Declined enter 0, In-kind enter the estimated amount, both Cash and In-kind enter the total.

Support is Received: *
Check as many as apply
and at least one.

 DECLINED: SKIP TO THE END - select the link to jump to the bottom of the form.
 INVOICE: Please have John Clements send an invoice.
 CASH/CHECK: I am turning in Cash or a Check to John Clements.
 SUPPLIES: I have been asked to get supplies - enter description below.
 RAFFLE: I have been asked to get raffle items - enter description below.
In-kind Description:
If always the same just enter "historic".

Recognition (i.e. Ads):
 EMAIL: Ad will be emailed to (preferred!)
 DROPPED OFF:  Ad will be hand-delivered to Ellen McCune to be scanned
 NEW: Ad will be created (no charge, designer's discretion)
Ads are for Bronze level and above. Select link for: SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES (aka Sponsorship Levels)

Plus a Little More
The aforementioned "Comments Box"
Comments Box:
Use this box to:
  • Add a new Sponsor's Name and contact information,
  • Tell us the name on the check if it's different than the company name,
  • Update / Add New information about a Sponsor in the list, such as new address, contact person, etc.,
  • Explain why a Sponsor declined to support, VERY important,
  • Add anything else you think might be helpful for us to know.

Finish Up & Send

Some Helpful Links

These are also available to you at the Tuesday meeting. If you would like to see a resource added please EMAIL CAROL to let her know.

FLYER  (pdf) - a poster featuring Pancake Day and Fresh Air Fair to provide to supporters for display in their storefront windows.

GUIDELINES & INSTRUCTIONS  (pdf) - guidelines for contacting sponsors & instructions for entering the information online

LETTER TO LOCAL SPONSORS  (pdf) - a sample of the letter sent to local businesses and others who support Pancake Day

LETTER TO CORPORATE OFFICES  (pdf) - a sample of the letter sent to the corporate offices of local businesses who request it

If you'd like to provide additional information or ask a question about the topics provided below, you are welcome and encouraged to email. +Denotes those who will, along with yourself, receive a copy of this online form.

Fearless Leader a.k.a. Kiwanis Pancake Princess:

+KELLY UMBSTEAD  - email Kelly with questions not covered below.

Sponsor Group:

+JOHN CLEMENTS  - email John with Sponsor Support (i.e. money) questions.

+ELLEN MCCUNE  - email Ellen with Sponsor Recognition (i.e. ads / logos) questions.
          NOTE: Send emailed logos here:

+ANNE KOEHLER & +MARIANNE MARCONI - email Anne and Marianne with Sponsor and / or Ticket questions.


SCARLLETT KILGORE - email Scarrlett with Raffle questions.


JENNIFER MARSTON - email Jennifer with Volunteer (both Kiwanians and others) questions.
          NOTE: If you wish to volunteer to work at Pancake Day Select This Link


+CAROL KLUMB - email Carol with Supporter Registration Form (i.e. this page) questions only.

SEAN POLEY - email Sean with Web Site questions, other than this form and volunteer registration.

Pancake Day Supporter Registration Form